100.3 has officially become Christmas music 24/7 and as per every year, I’m pissed off about it. At least this year I think they waited until after Halloween to do it, but regardless of when they start, prior to Thanksgiving is still too early for me. The Christmas season is WAY too long and it gets more and more ridiculous every year. I’m not a Grinch, but I believe the season shouldn’t infringe on other holidays.

Think about it. What other holiday gets as much time as Chrismtas? Christmas gets 2-3 MONTHS (and some years longer). For perspective’s sake, a few examples:

– Valentine’s Day – One day to show someone how much you love them (or how much you don’t want to get in a fight about how you forgot =P). One day. One day to tell someone you love them and you think they’re special when you should be doing this year round anyways.

– Martin Luther King Jr. Day – A day that is a tribute to an amazing humanitarian who changed the way people thought forever and would have done more good if someone hadn’t shot him. He gets one day assuming people actually remember that it is in fact his day.

– Mother’s/Father’s Day – See Valentine’s Day

– Independence Day – A day commemorating our country’s freedom, gets a few weeks of attention prior to the start due to barbecues and not the meaning.

– Veteran’s Day/Memorial Day – One day mostly remembered by current vets or friends/families of vets past. Again, like MLK day. Gets one day of attention if people remember (which in many ways is inexcusable).

– Thanksgiving – Gets mostly skipped because Christmas starts in October now and most people are concentrating more on Black Friday (the day after) than Thanksgiving itself.

Which brings me to my point. While I think it’d be nice if people truly took stock of what they have to be thankful for more than a few times a year, I know in many cases that’s not going to happen. However, I personally believe that it’s not too much to ask that people at least think about it this month. People devote so much time to Christmas, and the worst part is that 90% of them are only doing it because of gifts. Yet they rarely think of the gifts that they are surrounded by every day.

All I’m asking is that the people who take the time to read this really think about what they’re thankful for for even 5 minutes. Christmas gets 2-3 months. I think it’s only fair that if Christmas gets that long, you can give Thanksgiving 5 minutes of your time (especially if you’re not a sap like me thinking about it all the time). I’m not going to pull the whole “there are starving people in Africa/homeless people all over” argument because it’s fececious. I’m aware of the fact that I write a note that is similar in tone to this every year, but year after year I can’t help but at least try to get people to listen to and understand me. In many ways I think my efforts may be futile, but if this note only even makes you think while you’re reading it, I’m accomplishing something.

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Something I’ve Never Been Able to Explain

So just now a centipede went flying across my desk and my immediate reaction was to freeze up and then a delayed attempt at squashing it.  There are a few phenomena going on here that I simply have never been able to understand.

First: Why are people afraid of bugs?  If it’s not the kind that will bite you and potentially kill you, they’re mostly harmless (and some of them eat the other bugs in your house that you like even less).  They’re small, they tend to keep to themselves, they run the fuck away when you get near them because they’re probably more scared of you than you are of them.

Second: Why do people always want to squash them?  Now, if it’s a cockroach (shudder) or ginormous spider, that I can get.  It’s big and the first reaction is “IF I DON’T KILL THIS NOW IT’S GOING TO DISAPPEAR INTO MY HOUSE AND I WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP.”  Fair enough.  However, if it’s a tiny spider or a small centipede like the one that came out to say hi just a minute ago, it’ s going to leave you alone.  It’s not like when  you have carpenter ants and those little bastards invade the home (or termites for that matter).  Other than clearing your mind that it’s one less bug to deal with, it makes a mess and plus if you try to get them with the tissue, there’s the ever present possibility that when you grab them, they wiggle out of the tissue onto you and that creates a whole new panic.

Third: Why can’t you ever find them once they get away?  I’m aware that they’re tiny and can get into spaces you can’t possibly see in to or that they are quick and you can lose sight of them easily.  Hell sometimes they’re the same color as the carpet or floor they’re on and you just can’t track them enough.  But seriously, something I saw less than 1 second ago should be findable (word?), but somehow never is.  It kills me.

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I don’t want to go back to full weeks of school X_X

This last week I had three days off to study for finals and it was INCREDIBLE.  But now I have to go back and work again and I want to throw myself down the stairs so I don’t have to go (not really….maybe).

Also, the highlight of today: laundry.  I lead a boring life. =\

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And I Will Try…

So today was definitely an interesting day and for the sake of remembering most of what happened I decided to blog about it at 3:00AM just when I got home.  So where to start…

Today started with a rude headache intrusion that jostled me from sleep.  I was not amused by this, but I figured fighting it by trying to sleep was infinitely worse than trying to sleep through it.  Call me crazy, but I can’t sleep through headaches.

I decided to go down to visit my old high school where they were building the set for their fall play and see some old faces.  I was only slightly disappointed that my old theater director was only modestly glad to see me, but I got over it.  Largo and Medic (a friend of our who was a flight medic in the army) were already there working at Largo said Corona and Carnegie (their son) were coming down later (I’ll laugh if Corona figures out why this is the name I chose).

After crew call, we went back to the house where I hung out with Corona while Largo, Medic, and Carnegie went out to an event at the fire station and then the fair.  Unfortunately, the fire station event wasn’t until tomorrow, so they went right to the fair.  Corona and myself watched some Glee while chatting and then decided we should probably go down to make an appearance.  I stayed for a few minutes before skeedaddling (spelling?) down to see Sneaky who had just come off of a long shift at work.

Sneaky and I went out to dinner at a local Thai place which we both like.  Dinner was nice because I hadn’t seen her much in the last week (I’ve been on 3 night shifts per week and she’s been on all days).  We caught up on the week and how work went and then I brought her back to her mom’s so she could go home and sleep off the longest day ever.

Back to Largo’s house.  The Tigers game is starting soon with the Wings following shortly after.  It appears as though it is going to be a good night of watching our teams kick everyone else’s ass.  Largo’s mom informs me and Corona (Largo, Medic, and Graffiti are out of the house at this point) that she doesn’t have food for dinner stuff so Corona and myself step out for a bit of Meijer hilarity.  We had a specific list of things to get, but this is what happened:

After this debacle, we returned to the Largo Manse to watch the games.  Unfortunately, the Tigers got rained out and subsequently lost but we’ll get ’em nonetheless.  On the plus side, the Wings skunked the Avs at home after the announcer said they have the best NHL record for winning season openers at home.  Take that Colorado.  That’s what you get for booing Bertuzzi the whole fucking game.

During this trouncing we were witness to, several things happened at once.  Carnegie fell and split his lip pretty bad, people swarmed him to help, he got mad when they tried to ice it.  Then:

Largo: [Insert snark about Corona not rushing to Carnegie’s aid]
Corona: [Insert glare and preparation for mini argument]
Carnegie: Glass of water plz, whoops spilled on mommy lol
Corona: [Exclamation of surprise]
Largo: Now that we got him calmed down, you shouldn’t make loud noises like that and startle him
Corona: [RAR]
Largo: [RAR BACK]
Family: Intervene, whisk Carnegie away for bath time

After about a half hour Carnegie and Largo laid down so that Carnegie would go to sleep and Corona came downstairs.  It was evident that this argument had not yet cleared her mind so I let sleeping dogs lie.  Exit stage right: Medic, Graffiti, and Graffiti’s friend Pusillanimous (look it up).  The game ended, we won, and Corona’s spirits seemed to lift a little at which point I suggested going to Twig’s to play beer pong and hang out.

Sidetrack: Taco Bell Line waiting for fountain drink goodness

Condensed version:
-Mini fight comes up in conversation
-Corona gets mad at the way Largo treats her sometimes
-Corona transitions from mad to upset
-Corona transitions from upset to deflated
-Corona recovers from 2 minute meltdown

The long and the short: Sometimes, I think Largo snarks to snark (which is bad) and sometimes the snark is unnecessary (which is also bad).  I did make mention of the whole “you shouldn’t rise to the occasion” argument, but that was more in the interest of preserving Corona’s sanity than giving her a lecture about what she did wrong.

End Sidetrack

We arrive at Twig’s house and play some beer pong and then over the next 2 hours watch Cups (a friend of mine and Twig’s) get drunker and less and less coordinated.  He knocked over 5, FIVE, cups of his own during beer pong, but his team kept winning somehow.  He also argued about how many cups, but Corona was sober (as was I) and we knew how many he really did.

In the grand scheme of things, I’d say it was a good day.  As usual, Corona and myself had plenty of quality ridiculous time and I got to see almost everybody in one visit to my old hometown.  Drama aside, I had a good time.

And by the way, as a final note to Corona:

It was in one of the glee episodes we watched.  If it’s any consolation, you know you can always count on me to help pick up the pieces.

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So I was having a conversation with Largo about one of the silliest stories I’ve heard in a very long time.  To give you the long and short of it…

Drake, Lakeshore, Largo and Graffiti (Largo’s younger brother) were out feather bowling.
Drake said he’s been working on a stand up routine (which none of us knew about apparently).
Lakeshore, being the way he is, says “Why?  You’re not funny.”
Drake gets offended, goes home using his sister as an excuse.
Largo and Graffiti finish up what they were doing, go to Drake’s house.
Drake’s sister complains about them being too loud while she’s trying to sleep.
Lakeshore shows up, not knowing that Drake’s sister has been yelling at them to shut up.
Drake’s sister comes downstairs to yell at them again.
Drake tells them that they have to keep it down.
Lakeshore makes a comment in jest about how she needs to calm down.
Drake tells him “Well you can leave then” implying “GTFO”
Lakeshore leaves, drunk.
Graffiti yells at Drake for letting Lakeshore drive home in his current condition.

This is an example of how that should have gone…

Drake, Lakeshore, Largo, and Graffiti were out feather bowling
Drake said he’s been working on a stand up routine
Lakeshore, being the way he is, says “Why?  You’re not funny.”
[Insert witty Drake comeback here about anything]
[Insert friendly trash talking between all four here]
[Insert laughing here]
[Insert another round of beers here]

But no, that’s not how it went down.  In all honesty, sometimes Lakeshore should keep his mouth shut, but as a counter to that, Drake and everybody else should know better by now that 99% of what he says is either bullshit or looking to get a witty back and forth going because he thinks it’s funny.


Twig needs to get out of the restaurant and get himself a job in the field his degree is in.  He has the talent, the tools, and the portfolio, but not the motivation.  If I have to hear the words “I hate my job I need a new one” one more time out of him and he hasn’t looked whatsoever for a different one, I’m going to kill him.  He’s one of my best friends, but honestly, this shit has to stop.

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Cartoons Are Srs Biz

This evening, as I tinkered with the idea of studying, I decided to put on some movies in the background.  What happened instead of studying was this: Up and The Lion King.

The first because I loved that movie to death when it came out and the second both because Corona, Largo and myself had referenced it over the weekend and in honor of its re-release this year.  One of these movies was made in 1994, one in 2009.  One of them animated old school, one of them animated with a computer.  One of them about talking animals in Africa, one about people going on a peculiar adventure.  Today, both of them have something in common:

They both made me cry.

Strange that both movies are so moving, but for such different reasons.  I’ve heard people in recent years scoff at the idea of crying over an animation, chalking it up to the fact that it’s not real.  I challenge anyone of them to watch either of those movies and tell me otherwise.  Sure both movies also have their funny moments (after all this time, the like 3 minutes where Rafiki is trying to get adult Simba to go home still makes me laugh as much as it did then), but their messages, while perhaps nothing new, will never leave me.

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As I’m sitting here studying and trying to get some school work done, one of my cats sat down on my book and insisted I scratch his chin before I could move him.  Random thought I know, and common occurrence with cats, so why am I writing about it?

Well it made my brain itch a second.  I found myself wondering if cats are just selfish and want what they want (what most people believe) or if they genuinely don’t understand they’re in the way.  After all, when I’m reading a book that’s on a table I’m completely focused on the book and ignoring everything else.  Add to this that I read with my finger so I can keep my place on the page since I read rather quickly.  To my cat, this probably computes like this:

I’m being ignored + He pays attention to that thing on the desk + He seems to be scratching that thing’s chin…or whatever the hell that is = If I sit on top of said thing, I’m going to get my chin scratched.

Ah, cat math, wtf.

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